MET Studio were commissioned by the Manchester Museum to design a special exhibition exploring the impact we all have on the climate. The engaging narrative that resulted was borne from the close collaboration between the Manchester Museum and MET Studio, focused on giving visitors opportunities to express what matters to them whilst encouraging civic action. The exhibition sought to explain how our way of life has impacted the climate, positively or negatively, through a series of surprising and moving installations. Inspired by the idea of balance, cause and effect, and how small individual actions can have a big collective impact, MET Studio used these as guiding principles, and built a narrative environment where each visitor shaped the course of their experience through their choices. MET Studio also designed the look and feel for the exhibition, using contrast in colour, symmetry in environmental design and balance in content. Graphically, marrying the Museum’s brand identity with hand-drawn elements, to integrate humanity into the subject, where calls to action are man-made.
This exhibition has won and been shortlisted for multiple international awards.